Rural & Dairy

Electrical Services

With significant experience delivering electrical solutions for dairy farms and rural businesses, Gavin Voss is your electrician for all agricultural and Dairy electrical needs.

With over 20 years in the rural sector delivering electrical solutions, dealing with milking platforms, pumps, temperature regulation and stranger issues such as fault current make this a challenging/satisfying line of work.

Be it 4 am or 11pm,  these jobs know no predictability. The truck carries most equipment to make things right when it goes wrong. 

Servicing Whanganui, Waverley, Marton, Manawatu through to Taupo and Rotorua.

  • Pump Servicing and Repair
  • Dairy Refrigeration Service and Repair
  • Dairy Shed Servicing and Maintenance
  • Irrigation

For a job completed efficiently, safely and properly, call Gavin today.